18 August 2010

Elementary Statistics My Dears...

My daughter-in-law's 6th grade granddaughter called for homework help and I'm not quite up to snuff on statistic problems...you know--mode, median, range, stem and leaf plots--all that sort of thing. I had to look up help on the Internet! The basic problems she had to do came back to me after review but geez, I was totally lost for a while there and I had a college statistic course (a requirement for a BA in history)!  Here's a video from Youtube that may help you if you're confused (like me).  A bit more elementary video is found here but it does not allow embedding to other sites.  Have fun y'all...!!!!
Oh yeah, before I forget to mention:  Math Playground is a great site to go to for homework help. Nope, they're not paying me to mention this; I have used it with great results before helping tutor this young lady a year ago.

Search Amazon.com for statistics


  1. ugggh my brain would be hurting LOL I just recently went to the community college here and took a test for this thing they have now called career ready certificate and I had to study a bit on the math part because I was clueless and it gave me such a headache lol

  2. I know what you mean! I get phone calls for homework help and many times I have to get on the Internet quick to figure out how to do the problems lol!


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