11 April 2010

A Cute Round Ripple Baby/Toddler Blanket is Finished!

On the 9th, my entry showed a partial view of one of my wips (work in progress) and I said that I'd let you guess what it is.  No one guessed but I'll show you the completed item anyway.  It is a round ripple blanket almost 48" point to point.  It is a good size to wrap a baby in or cover a toddler up with.  I made this for a baby, gender unknown.  I fussed over the choice of a color to coordinate with the off-white.  I think this should do nicely--not too girlie or too boyish.  Here it is:

And here is a closer look at the edging:


  1. Sharon, I had an idea that your sneak-peak was a RR, but I didn't wanna give it away! It is done wonderfully! It will make some baby/toddler very warm and cozy!

  2. Thanks! Pretty obvious to a crocheter that it's a round ripple :) My dil has family in your area. It would be pretty interesting if you knew some of them.

  3. I do love that you do such great work on those, I need to try that one day, I just have so much stuff in my head that i wanna make I dont know if I will ever get to it all lol

  4. I'm hooked on these round ripples. The hardest thing is is deciding on the colors and how to use them. I knew the design for this one but I kept switching the 2nd color. It's a good thing the dark red was toward the end of making it or I might have been a frogging fool lol!


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