27 March 2010

Nellie Belle With a Big Girl Bone!

Here's my Nellie Belle with a big girl bone.  Usually I post the chi's photos on their blog but no one ever goes there so I thought I'd put this one here for you to see.  Nellie is a prima donna, a real diva.  She is the youngest of our 3 canine kids but she is the alpha dog of the house!


  1. Goodness that lil nellie belle is sooooo darn cute, why dont ya ship her on over to my house? lol I just wanna hug her and kiss her wittle nose, hehe she looks so proud to have her big girl bone.

  2. You might ship her right back because she is so spoiled lol! She loves her mommy but only when it is time to cuddle in bed, otherwise she is her daddy's girl and doesn't want anything to do with me unless I have FOOD! :)


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