30 December 2010

My Crochet Projects in 2010

Here's the year's wrap-up of crochet projects. I know there are a few projects I neglected to get pictures of but this should be a fairly good representation of what I accomplished.

I didn't crochet nearly as much as I thought I did. Another year is getting ready to start and I'm working on projects for 2011! For the most part, I keep track of my finished projects in my signature at crochetville.org .

Listing from CV signature:
Finished in 2010: Spiral Simplicity Doily, Toddler Afghan, Potholder (3), Dishcloth (15), Scarf (2), Hat and Scarf Set, hat, rr afghan, magic ball afghan, g sq lapghan, rr baby ghan, doll outfit, spiderman ghan, teddy bear shirt, kk hat, rug, hanging towels (8) slippers (3pr), dog sweater (2), coaster set (2), doll (1), Xmas ornaments (4), men's hat (1), little girl's hat (1), edged towels (2), afghan (2), kennel koozie (1)

I can see several things that I don't have pictures of. I'll try to do better next year. Happy hooking everyone....


  1. I think that is great how you kept track of everything you made for the year. I would say I would do that but I know it won't happen lol Happy New Year!

  2. Excellent stitching. My fingers are cramping just from staring at the work, LOL. You must have had to take quite a few breaks during the throw. Ouch.

  3. I try to keep all my crochet photos in one folder. I know I missed a few though. Happy New Year to you too!

  4. I think you would appreciate my most recent blog entry being a yarn addict as well. Happy New Year.
    Your blog is one of my favs at the very top of my list of blogs I frequent. You're one classy lady.


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