04 December 2010

Just Finished Rereading a Favorite Old Book

Some time ago, I found the book Heidi by Johanna Spyri at a local thrift store. This was one of my favorite books in the long-ago days of my youth. I brought it home with the intention of giving it to a certain young lady but I forgot about it! About a week ago I found it and reread this lovely story. I can see the beautiful Alps of Switzerland and the rambunctious goats frolicking on the mountainside with Heidi and Peter the young goat herder. This book is of superb quality. It doesn't have pictures of characters in their underwear or other questionable subjects. What it does do is tell a story of an orphaned young girl starting at the age of 5. She was dumped on her grandfather by an aunt who felt she had done her duty by Heidi and it was the grandfather's turn to care for the youngster. The grandfather was a gruff old coot but that was only on the surface. Heidi was tonic for the old man and the old man gave Heidi a sense of belonging. I thoroughly enjoyed rereading this story. Have any of you ever gone back to a favorite childhood book for a reread?

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  1. I remember this book and how much I loved it. I also believe there was a movie too...... loooong ago!

  2. I've seen 2 different Heidi movies, one with Shirley Temple as Heidi and the other had Jason Robards as the grandfather.

  3. I always liked the book Heidi, will have to read it again as it's been many (many) years! Hope you have a great day! :-)


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