05 November 2010

I Did Something Goofy Today

Here's my chuckle for the day--
This afternoon, I was a substitute teacher at the high school a couple blocks away. I usually like to get to the afternoon jobs no more than 15 minutes early because otherwise I feel like I'm a distraction as the teacher finishes up with the class. As I was walking into the building I noticed my one shoe felt a little snug. I thought maybe my sock was bunched up or something so I bent over to straighten it out and what did I discover...?

I had 2 different shoes on! Lucky me, I was only a couple minutes from the house so I was able to dash home and get matching shoes on. If I had been at one of the other schools I would have had to make a decision of either to go in with mismatched shoes or be late. Glad I didn't have to make that call!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. LOLOL now that is too funny and sounds like something I might do, I havent done it yet though, bless your heart, Im glad you were close to home so you could take care of it, hope you are having a good weekend :o) HUGS

  2. This weekend is pretty quiet. I had a good laugh over my shoe incident :). I did that one other time about 5 years ago. Need to be sure to put matching shoes next to each other on the shoe rack!

  3. There's my chuckle for the day! Oh my gosh I have all kinds of thoughts racing through my mind what you would have had to say if you did not have time to go back home for one of the other shoes!

  4. Since I had time to go home and get matching shoes on I was able to have a good laugh over it too. I told my husband that maybe I could have gone in with one shoe on and kind of limped like I hurt my foot or something lol!


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