12 November 2010

A Couple Finished Projects

Here's a totally unrelated set of crochet projects I recently finished-- a doll and a dishcloth. The doll has given me headaches been a pain in the rear.

The doll worked up fairly easy but the clothing pattern was not easily comprehensible to me so I ended up "winging" her clothing. I'd crochet a little bit, hold it up to the doll and either frog or add more stitches as I tried to get the indecent dolly clothed! She started out as a Goldilocks doll but she quickly ended up a Christmas elf-ette or whatever you call girl elves. I believe she'll end up sitting on a branch on our Christmas tree. Anyway, here she is:

The dishcloth is reminiscent of hippies because it appears to be tie-dyed at first glance. I used a small hook, either an E or an F and crocheted a tight granny square that I used a shell-edging on. Turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. Now, some of my friends are probably wondering who will receive it as part of their Christmas gift. I don't know, but one of you probably will because I still have enough dishcloths for my own use and this one is going in the "gift drawer." I'll end up deciding at the last minute who gets it and who gets a different one. Almost forgot to put the picture in--lol--and here it is:

 Dentist did a partial root canal the other day and I have to go back next week to have it finished up. Some discomfort but no major pain and I forget to take the pain meds sometimes but I don't miss them so guess I can do without.

Hope y'all are having a great week so far. Hugs to all...


  1. Well after all that struggling I think your doll is a cute lil thing and she sure does look like Christmas I love her dress and her bloomers lol I absolutely love the dishrag and your right it does look tyed dyed hehe Hope you have a good weekend, hugs

  2. Thanks Lynn. The other night I stared at that doll and said to myself that she was going to get finished before the next day! I was getting kind of tired of her sitting on the coffee table in the family room staring at me :)


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