04 October 2010

Why Isn't Technology Advanced Enough for This?

Every now and then, I'll think about items in everyday life that aren't as efficient as they could be. Like the cruise-control in my car. Why doesn't it work at slower speeds?  This comes to mind every time I'm driving past the high school on post at Ft. Knox.  The posted school zone speed limit is 15!  Try to keep to that one!  No, I haven't gotten a speeding ticket, it's just that it is very difficult to keep the lead out of my foot when I drive there.  We can send a man an astronaut to the moon but we can't develop an efficient cruise control.  Do any of you have instances about how technology can improve things in our everyday lives?  Post them here for everyone to see.  Hugs to all of you...

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  1. I never have used cruise control, I just like having my foot on the petal and driving my self lol I love your pumpkin at the top of your page, and I love the colors, so festive, hope you have a good day :o)

  2. Thanks Lynn! I really enjoy reading your comments. I seldom use the cruise control except when there is a chance I'll lead foot it too much and get a ticket. It would be nice to have a more efficient cruise control though. Sigh...


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