08 October 2010

Eleanor Roosevelt--A Pitchman/lady/person for Margarine?!

Eleanor Roosevelt has long been my favorite First Lady. When you get down to it, she was her husband's legs and ears for much of his reign in the Oval Office. You may recall from history, Franklin D. Roosevelt was crippled from polio. Eleanor did much traveling for him and advising him also. Imagine my surprise when I saw her advertising margarine on a video clip!  Her career ran from First Lady to salesperson--that's our wonderful Mrs. Roosevelt!  Here's the video for your perusal--

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  1. I just love her, thanks for sharing that, I never knew there was a commercial lol Hope you have a happy weekend!

  2. She was great wasn't she? She was a lady most every woman can relate to unlike other fashion plate First Ladies we've had. Hope your new job is working out ok.

  3. Hey Sharon, hope you are having a good weekend. I actually got the weekend off which I was really shocked over but happy none the less, the job I have is a retail job, nothing much to brag on but it is a job so Im happy for that, I just dread the seasonal retail coming up LOL Thanks!

  4. Hi Sharron thanks for popping by hehe l was a Clifford before marrying sorry not a Gardner though hehe
    Have Fab week
    Hus Suz x


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