14 September 2010

Missing "Daddy"

My fur babies have been driving me up a tree!  Nellie Belle and Opi are missing their daddy.  DH went on a trip for work last Wednesday and the "kids" have been barking all night at every little creaking noise that the house makes!  Needless to say, I haven't been getting much sleep.  Nellie B's usual habit is to go to the front door  about 5 minutes before dh gets home from work.  Nellie gets a sad look on her face like she's depressed or something when he doesn't come home.  The "kids" have their evening routine interrupted too--there's no daddy to cuddle in the recliner with! Mom isn't much of a recliner person but I've been making an effort to give them some cuddle time there.  I've been missing him too but I know that he'll be back on Friday but they don't understand that.  I let Nellie B. listen to the phone when I talk to him everyday and that perks her up for a bit.  I'm going to put some pics in here and then I'll go spend some quality time with the "babies".  
Here's Opi, moping in his "tent"

Nellie Belle says--"Can't find Daddy anywhere!"

I've had plenty of crochet time but I'm not finishing anything because I've been flitting between 3 different projects.  In a few more days things will get back to normal.  I've been wondering what I used to do when dh was in the Navy and deploying all the time then I remember that I had human kids at home that kept me really busy.  The 3 of us at home now need to get lives or something. ;)  Y'all have a great week!

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  1. OMG my heart goes out to the babies, bless their heart. Its so true that they don't understand, they are going to be some happy babies when their daddy does get home though lol I loved the pics they are just the cutest, so sorry they have been keeping you up at night. I hope you are having a great week :o) I cant wait to see your finished projects!


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