02 September 2010

Here's A Bit of Vintage Comedy--The Three Stooges

When I was a very little girl, I loved The Three Stooges.  I was terrified of them at the same time!  I would hide behind my dad's old vinyl recliner and steal glances at the television to watch them.  When Moe would clobber one of the other guys, I would fall behind that old chair until the sounds of eye poking, head clobbering, and face smacking were silenced!  Here is one of their short episodes for your enjoyment...

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  1. LOL that is too funny about you being scared of the stooges but I can see how kids would be lol I never got into the 3 stooges my favorite back then was the Little Rascals :o)

  2. They were good too! I'm off on a hunt for them lol!


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