26 August 2010

Reverse Single Crochet--How-To Video

Many times I'll see pics of completed afghans and the creators will post that for the nice, simple edging they used a reverse single crochet.  I've tried to do that but I am all fumble fingers.  Here is a video I found on Youtube that illustrates the technique.  She makes it look so easy!  The technique she uses is what I've tried to do--but I still can't do it!  I'll have to practice more.  I usually give up and just do a plain single crochet when I want a plain edge.  I will master this technique though!  The weekend is almost here so y'all have a great one!  Hugs...


  1. I cant remember what I made but I did do this stitch and I was not happy at all with it LOL it is really hard to do that is for sure because I was fumble fingers also, I think it was a hat I did needless to say I have not done it anymore LOL good luck with your trying it though :o)

  2. I've seen some rr afghans on crochetville that some ladies did this stitch on. They turn out nice but I think I'll need a lot of practice before I can master it. It's kind of like being right-handed and trying to write with your left hand.


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