30 August 2010

A Handsome Son!

Just had to share a picture of my handsome son Justin.  We went to Ft. Knox last weekend to see the Traveling Wall and made a quick visit to Patton Museum there too.  I got a bit worn out after viewing the wall--temperatures in the 90s and NO place to get something to drink.  I'd go again though even in the heat to  honor those who gave their lives.  It has been a long time since Justin and I did anything like this and I really enjoyed it.

ps--If you want an "unmarked" copy of this picture drop me a note and I will email you one.  

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  1. He definitely is a handsome one and Im glad that you two got to do something together its always nice to be able to be with our kids because it seems the older they get and we get it changes so much, hope your having a good day!


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