28 June 2010

I Made My Own Laundry Soap Today

I've been talking about making my own laundry soap for some time now and I finally got around to doing it today. I wanted a powdered soap--why dilute it and have to have extra room to store it? I found this page and used recipe #9.  I made a 1/2 batch of it.  For the soap, I used 4 bars of ivory soap and it came out very close to the proper amount.  At the moment, I have a load washing with my new soap. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.  I used the measuring cup from my store-bought detergent and used a sharpie to mark a line at the 1/4 cup measurement.  As I was talking to my uncle the other day, he told me that my grandmother would use her little scraps of bath soap and shave them before tossing in the washing machine to do her laundry with.  Sounds like Grandma had how-to-do laundry cheaply down pat.  Hope this works out!  Y'all have a nice week...


  1. Im glad you like your soap :o) I think one day I might try the ivory soap just to see how that goes.

  2. 1 bar is equal to about 1 cup grated so it's easy to measure.


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