13 June 2010

Creeps Leaving Comments

Some creep has been leaving not-so-nice comments here.  It's a good thing that I moderate my comments.  I don't think many of you would like to see comments about "adult" sites or that sort of thing.  If the creep is reading this then you need to cease and desist NOW.  I will not allow any comments of this sort to be posted here.  Get a life...!


  1. Well I sure hope there is something you can do about that and thank goodness for the delete button eh? I agree get a stinkin life sheesh some people just don't have anything else better to do, that makes me so mad can ya tell? LOL

  2. I still get more and more. Today it was for electronic, tobacco-less smoking device. I did accept one anonymous comment that sounded innocent and now, for the same blog entry I keep getting all this spam!


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