03 June 2010

Almost Forgot to Show This Project

Here is a lapghan that I have made to donate.  I have problems with joining squares and having the edges turn out "funny."  I had read somewhere on the Internet to omit the chains in the corners on the final round when making squares.  Didn't work for me this time! I think I did put an extra single crochet between squares and that may be what caused the ruffle effect.  I'll have to try something else the next time.  I still have the gray and claret colored squares to join.  I did not omit the chains in the square corners so I'll have to see how that turns out! In one direction, I whip stitched the squares together and the other I crocheted them.  This would have been my third lapghan for donation but I used one to wrap my poor Barney in when she went to the vet to be put to sleep.  I'd like to make about 1/2 dozen and then donate them. I'm not too fast though--these squares have been made since last year except I decided to make it a little larger and had to make another rows worth. Thanks for stopping in! Hugs...Sharon


  1. I think that is very pretty and very thoughtful of you to donate. I have so much crochet patterns floating through my head that I have been slacking on making my chemo caps I did manage to turn in a couple about 2 weeks ago, I really need to get back on the ball with those, thanks for sharing the project it is a very pretty lapghan and someone is going to adore it soon :o)

  2. Thank you Lynn. I'm slacking off with my crocheting right now. I have the 1001 wanna make projects, then the dozen or so promised things and then the ever present "purse" projects that I carry everywhere with me in my guess--purse lol.


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