31 May 2010

Backyard Fun Memorial Day Weekend!

We got the pool filled with water and the hot tub too in time for Saturday's cookout on Memorial Day Weekend.  DH and Son #1 (aka Matthew or Matt) opened the pool and the hot tub.  Opi enjoyed the time just relaxing on the outdoor furniture.  Here's a hint that may help you save money.  In our community, we can checkout  a meter that measures the amount of water we use outdoors.  This is water that doesn't go in the sewer and that way we don't have to pay for sewer costs on the water that goes through the meter!  With a pool, pond, hot tub and garden we use more than a few bucketfuls outside.  At the end of summer, we will return the meter to the water company and they will do a reading on it and we'll get a credit on our water/sewer bill.  Pretty nifty huh?


  1. Cool looks like you all had a lot of fun including the precious doggy, we tried one of those pools and when we were in it the mosquitoes would bug us to death, we have woods surrounding us so we really cant do alot outdoors without spraying ourselves :o( Im so glad you had a happy weekend.

  2. Thanks Lynn. We're pretty fortunate that our town sprays regularly for mosquitoes. We've been setting up one of these pools for probably the last 6 years or so and really enjoy it. It is nice to not have to go to a public pool and worry about if my legs are shaved or not lol!


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