03 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots of yummy chocolate!  Wishing you a blessed day with your family and friends.  Hugs....Sharon
p.s.--to hear this without the blog's music playing over it, scroll down the column on your right and mute the music player.


  1. Man when you dont have time to be on the computer these blogs can get away from you, I am so behind..first of all I want to say Im so sorry about your Barney girl, I have had to do that and I know it is tough..and after seeing your video I really want your babies now lol I enjoyed listening to the song too made me feel like a kid again and rememeber back when I used to be the egg hunter, you and your family have a wonderful Happy Easter, hugs

  2. Yeah, it was a tough one with Barney. She was always the good girl. My mil took her to the vet--dh and I were pretty broken up about her. Now the little "babies" they're a handful well, Nellie Belle is. She tries to run the house. Opi, is really laid back especially for a chihuahua. He's my baby and Nellie is daddy's girl except at bedtime when she cuddles next to me. Kids! You have a great Easter too.

  3. By the way, I love your new banner for your blog I so need to learn how to do something like that lol

  4. I googled free website banner or something like that and I found a place to make it. I don't remember the one I used but there's a bunch of places out there. Did you have a nice Easter?

  5. I had a wonderful Easter thanks and I hope that you did as well! The weather was just gorgeous.

  6. It was very nice here. We had steak on the grill for our Easter dinner. Beautiful weather--perfect; Sunny day and there was no need to run the a/c or the furnace!

  7. Olá!
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