30 March 2010

We'll Miss You Barney

Barney is 15 1/2 years old.  She has been a wonderful friend.  Tomorrow she goes to the vet and won't be coming home again. I don't know how to explain what a wonderful family member she has been.  She moved around with us before dh retired from the navy.  She lived with us in Oklahoma, California, Illinois and Kentucky.  She has really been tolerant of the 2 little chis we adopted.  When she was in good health, if one would play too rough with the other she'd just use her paw and push the rough one out of the way. She was always full of love for everyone and always was like our child and not a pet.  Barney, I'm so sorry that your time is so short, go with love...


  1. Aww Sharon! I'm very sorry you've lost your loving companion! My condolences. (((HUGS)))

  2. Thank you Tiffer. Barney had been with us for many years. The last 6 months or so we knew she didn't have much longer so we kept her close and the saying here was "What Barney wants, Barney gets." She was spoiled with love and attention so we know she had a good life.


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