17 March 2010

Started Temporary Job With Census Bureau

I started a temporary job with the Census Bureau today.  Actually, today was a little over 8 hours of training.  I worked with them last year and enjoyed it a lot.  I walked around neighborhoods with a handheld computer and put map spots on maps for the location of residences.  This time, the pay sucks ($8.50 per hour) and we're limited to 15 hours a week at satellite locations helping people fill out their forms or giving them forms if they somehow got missed.  I'll stick with it though, there is another phase coming up after this one is over and I have a chance to get a position with it too and hopefully it will be lots better than this one.  Take care y'all and if you're in the area and need help with your census form stop in and I'll be happy to help you out!  Hugs...


  1. Wow thats great I hope everything works out for you, you have a good day!!

  2. Thanks Lynn! It will be a nice break from substitute teaching although I will try to still do that once or twice a week.


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