02 March 2010

Getting Ready for Next Winter--A New Hat and Scarf Set

I'm already burned out with working on my uncle's doily and I still haven't gotten more black yarn for the magic ball afghan I've been working on.  Once again, I started a new project without finishing up what I was working on.  I'm making a hat and scarf set for next winter.  I'm using some Homespun yarn I bought on clearance at Wal-mart a while ago.  I normally don't like working with Homespun because my hook gets caught in the thready fibers but for small projects I can put up with it.  I finished the hat last night while watching television with dh and at this time, I have roughly a foot of the scarf made.  After I started the hat, I noticed that the crown of the hat wasn't closed but rather had 4 openings.  Well, I couldn't have that so I gathered the top of the crown and closed it off.  Winter is cold and I didn't want the top of my head to freeze :).  Anyway, the pattern I'm using for this set is a freebie from LionBrand Yarn.  I'm not going to post a picture of the hat until I finish the scarf and can show the set together so stay tuned...

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  1. Oh cool I love that pattern and I can't wait to see your work when your done. Im like you sometimes just draggin on a project sometimes they just feel right and then sometimes not. I have finally finished the baby blanket I started, Im hoping to get the post up tonight, hope you are having a good week :o)


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