10 March 2010

Getting Back on Track With Magic Ball Afghan, Finishing up Doily and Getting Ready for Next Project...

Yesterday, I had doctor appointments in Louisville, about an hour from here. When I go there I have the opportunity to to stop at Hobby Lobby. Yesterday I got the black yarn to finish my magic ball afghan. I also got red yarn to use in a spiderman ghan for a friend's little boy. The ww acrylic blues they had just didn't look right so I stopped at Meijers on my way home and they had a good blue color by Bernat. I was a naughty girl at Hobby Lobby and splurged on a few bamboo handled hooks. I love my J-Hook with a bamboo handle so I thought I'd try some others. No good sales yesterday though--maybe that is good because I impulse buy too much on yarn--yarn comes in faster than it goes out lol!

The spiral simplicity doily I'm making for my uncle is coming along. I'm working on the last 2 rounds! YIPPEE! I hope to finish it up this week and get it in the mail to him. Below is a picture of it so far. Definitely needs some blocking when it's finished.

Above is a toddler-sized spiderman ghan I made a couple years ago. The one I'll be starting soon will be a little larger for a little boy in elementary school. I use the round ripple pattern that AggieMay from crochetville generously provides to other members who pm her.

Edited to add doily picture


  1. I wish I had the patience for doilies and such, but working with thread makes me crazy. Good job!

    I LOVE that spiderman ghan!

  2. I don't have the patience for doilies and this will probably be my last one. I promised my uncle a set and I've been working off and on for several months. Too hard on these old eyes lol! Thanks for your nice compliment on the spiderman afghan. They're so much fun to make.

  3. Wow now your doily really looks like a doily compared to my chunky one and Im like you yarn comes in this house faster than it goes out lol I loved loved loved the spiderman ghan you did that looks terrific :o)

  4. Thanks Lynn. I really need to get that doily finished. I procrastinate something fierce about sitting down and working on it. I have the yarn for the next spiderman ghan and after the 2 projects I'm working on are finished I'll be making it. The round ripples go so much faster than the little doily lol!

  5. Hi, nice to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I miss 360! I love the afghan. My daughter will be able to take the puppy home in 4 weeks. Have a great weekend.


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