07 March 2010

Another Birthday...

Today was my birthday and I'm 39 AGAIN lol!  I can only do that for a few more years because then I'll be the same age as my son :).  Anyway, I was born my grandma's birthday, her first granddaughter, and we used to celebrate together.  Here's a picture taken on my 10th birthday and her 62nd.  I have the glasses on. I really miss her...


  1. Awww Happy Birthday Sharon, cool Im a March baby too, mine is the
    14th and I will be 25!! wow Im younger than you........NOT hehe, I will be *whispers* 41...yeah birthdays arent fun anymore lol

  2. Lynn, you're a baby! I'm (choke, gasp, sigh...) 53! lol!


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