28 February 2010

Some of My Thoughts...

Not much going on today so I thought I'd just put some of my jumbled thoughts here...

My magic ball afghan project is on pause for now. I ran out of black yarn so I decided to focus my attention on the doily I'm making for my uncle. Can you tell I'm procrastinating with it? I think I have been working on it for MONTHS! It is just so darned hard for me to see the tiny, little stitches.

Here are some other thoughts...everyone I know has replaced their incandescent light bulbs with the new improved energy bulbs. My question is, is it more economic and better for the environment to take perfectly good bulbs and toss them in the trash causing factories to manufacture more new bulbs quicker, the consumer to pay for them sooner than necessary, and landfills to receive them quicker? Let's see, you also need to calculate the cost-saving of having the new bulbs in your lighting fixtures.  How do we do that?  Whew!  You almost need to be a scientist to calculate out this one! Me, as my old bulbs die, I replace with the new and improved model.

Last night dh and I had our supper at a diner-type restaurant. I ordered a meal that was too much for me and as I was putting the left-overs into a "to-go" container a bit of food dropped on the table and I picked it up and put it in the container. DH said, "Heloise says that you shouldn't do that because sometimes women use public rest rooms and they put their purses on the floor. No telling what gets on the bottom of their purses. Then when they go back to the dining room, they might put their purses on the table and all kinds of germs get on the table. Then you just picked up that food with all sorts of bathroom bugs on it." Got me thinking that's for sure! Heloise is not only in the newspaper she is also online so go visit her for some creative hints.  Oh, by the way, I'm sure there are more "bathroom bugs" on the floor in the men's room!  LOL!

See ya later gator...

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  1. I like your thoughts on the lightbulb theory, I totally agree...and the bathroom thingy..ewww gross LOL I have to say I heard that also but I have never as far as I can remember putting my pocket book on the bathroom floor, if there is no hook I hold it and try to tinkle at the same time, its not easy but I manage, I have to hover also because I never sit on a public toilet lol I guess that was too much info eh? Have a good day!!


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