07 January 2010

We Had a Snow Day Today

Here in Hardin County, Kentucky schools shut down whenever it snows.  I'm not kidding you.  We had 3 - 4 inches predicted today and before the first flake floated out of the sky schools were canceled.  Being originally from the great northern state of Illinois, I could use the story that my dad always told me about walking to school as a kid in the winter, uphill both ways for a couple miles with knee-deep snow!  I won't tell you that but I will tell you that it wasn't uncommon to have 6 inches or more on the ROADS and still get on the school bus.  I love snow...the looks of it but ONLY on Christmas day; the cold temperatures I can do without. Here are a couple looks at today's snow that did not reach the top of my fat feet...

The spruce tree in the front yard


The back yard

Barney thinking:   "Why don't they make indoor toilets for dogs?"



  1. Im so jealous, the snow pics are beautiful, we were supposed to get a lil snow but we got nada, maybe we will get some before winter is over, thanks for sharing :o)

  2. The farmers around here were predicting a harsh winter for us but so far it hasn't been too bad. I love to look at the snow when it's fresh and clean. Take care :)


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