18 September 2009

Those Old Adjectives--Using Comparative or Superlative Form

Today is a busy posting day for me. Sometimes, I find myself questioning the way I use English grammar. An example of this is that I have 2 sons. I would refer to Son #1 as the oldest and #2 as the youngest. That isn't quite right. #1 is the older and #2 is the younger. Comparing two things requires the use of the comparative form of an adjective (such as older and younger). If I had 3 sons then I would us the -est suffix on the adjective to compare the #1 son to the #3-- this is the superlative form of the adjective. Clear as mud right??? Here is a video that may explain it to you a little better than I have. You may want to turn the music player off(it's in the other column) before you listen to this video. Hope you enjoy!

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