28 August 2009

On This Day 28 Aug 1774 1st American Saint Born

August 28, 1774
St. Elizabeth born in New York City.

Elizabeth Ann Seton before becoming a nun

seton nun

Mother Seton, the nun

Elizabeth Ann Bayley's life began on August 28, 1774, in New York. She married William Magee Seton (1768-1803), on January 25, 1794, in lower Manhattan. She and her husband William were blessed with five children. A serious financial crisis befell the Seton family's business in 1798. Elizabeth and her family temporarily moved into her father-in-law's house. During her residence in the elder Seton's home, she discovered her talent for teaching as she cared for her husband's younger siblings. Her husband's health deteriorated as result of tuberculosis and they moved to Italy. Her husband died there. Elizabeth learned about Roman Catholicism during her stay in Italy. Upon return to the States she taught school to support her family. She became a Catholic, established the Sisters of Charity and also established a school.

Catholic Online website has a biography that you may be interested in reading. In Emmitsburg, MD a shrine is dedicated to her. Another interesting online article about her is posted by the Emmitsburg, MD Historical Society.

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Books

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