08 April 2009

OCD kicks in

Guess my OCD kicked 'cause I'm making another round ripple afghan. This time I'm making one in gold, black and white. I started it not knowing who was going to receive it. After talking to my uncle, he told me that he was seriously considering getting a place in Florida. So, I decided that this would be a housewarming present for him. You're probably wondering why I said my OCD kicked in. Well, I don't really have OCD, I just get hooked on certain things and do them over and over again like make the rr afghan and this one pair of slippers. For a while there I was hooked (no pun intended) on making dishcloths. I have gotten a bit slower on cranking out the round ripples so I'm not going to post a picture quite yet and leave you hanging waiting to see the final result. Take care everyone and hugs to all...

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