03 July 2008

07-03-2008 A Round Ripple for Spiderman! A WIP

Hey There--As I get frustrated with the dog
sweater I am making, I pick up another project to work on. Currently, I am working on a round ripple afghan (child size) for my niece's baby boy due in November. I have numerous more rounds to do plus add the webbing that radiates from the center and finally the dreaded weaving in of the loose ends! I'm really proud of it so far. Wish me luck when I get back on the dog sweater after this! Hope you enjoy the pictures...Hugs, Sharon


  1. LOVE IT! (((((HUGS)))) sandi~hoping to start my first rr soon!

  2. For some reason I'm not being notified about comments here so I'm months and months behind responding to them! Anyway, thank you very much for your nice comments! Let me know how your rr turned out. S.


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