24 June 2008

06-24-2008 Sons' Family Tree

Greetings! Do you ever google names? I sometimes do it to look for old friends and sometimes for genealogical research. A while ago, I googled a name in my sons' family tree and I visited one site that has a very detailed family tree that is theirs ---> http://www.geocities.com/carriejeanjacket/corneliusmorgansr.html . I corresponded with the author of it and asked permission to make copies of it. She's a very nice person and she referred me to her facebook. Gosh I really don't like facebook because it is sometimes hard to tell whose page I'm on because of the way it flipflops back and forth depending on where you've clicked. At first I thought she was the sister of a navy buddy of mine but then the name was similar but not quite the same and I figured that out a couple days after I called my navy buddy up and made myself look like a dingbat or something. Anyway, I'm terribly embarassed. Sorry....

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