24 May 2008

Entries for May 14, 02, 01 and April 29, 25, 2007

Entry for May 14, 2007
On this day in history 1904-- The United States hosts its first Olympics in St. Louis, Missouri. Parts of the Olympics seemed to be amateurish. Read this article to read about some of the mishaps of these games. To read a little more about the 1904 games and view a list of the winners go here.

Entry for May 02, 2007
I haven't included any crochet information lately so I thought I better get with the program! Today I found a 2007 horoscope for crocheters. Go to this page to read yours. Mine is Pisces and it definitely matches me!

Entry for May 01, 2007
On this day in history 1937 - President Franklin Roosevelt signed an act of neutrality, keeping the United States out of World War II. This act forbid the export of weapons, ammunition and other implements of war to "belligerent states." Go here to read the full "Neutrality Act" of May 1, 1937.

Entry for April 29, 2007
On this day in history 1945 American soldiers liberated the Dachau concentration camp in Germany. Concentration camps were used by the Germans during WWII to house prisoners and to use them as slave laborers and also as a place to exterminate them. The largest populations were Jews. To see an official memorial website go to this page . To see actual film footage of concentration camps in 1945, go here but be advised that the film is disturbing.

Entry for April 25, 2007
On this day in history 1944 United Negro College Fund incorporates. Though set up to address funding inequities in educational resources for African Americans (then called by the old-fashioned term "Negroes"), UNCF administered scholarships are open to all ethnicities. It provides scholarships to students attending its member colleges as well as going elsewhere. To read more about this scholarship go to wikipedia ; or go to The UNCF page .

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